27 11 2007

hello everyone, yes i know i haven’t updated my blog in AGES, and that most likly won’t change, since NOONE LEAVES A COMMENT.



more funny signs

5 09 2007


funny signs

5 09 2007



5 09 2007

Hi everyone it me again, i haven’t been on for ages. i don’t really even know why i write posts no one reads them or if they do they don’t leave comments.

If anyone wants to write something or want me to do a post on something just say.


My colage

27 06 2007


Lockie leonard note.

21 06 2007

The last 2 post (not including this one) is an assignment i had to do 4 school, it is about a book. not real people.

If you have been offended by anything i wrote, write a comment and i will change it to what you have said.

English lockie leonard work (2)

21 06 2007

    Introduction: Lockie Leonard is the main character of the story and is described as an average teenage boy, problems and his own thoughts.  

Reason 1: Lockie is bad                                                      

  Evidence 1: Lockie doesn’t listen to the teachers.

Explanation 1: Lockie doesn’t do what the teachers say, he back talks and is bad.   

Reason 2: Lockie is a pervert

Evidence 2: He dreams about feeling Vikki,

Explanation 2: He touches Vikki in a bad way a few times. 

Reason 3: Lockie is not friendly

Evidence 3: Lockie bags his brother, he doesn’t have many friends.

Explanation 3: Lockie is only friendly to Vikki but that is because she is his girlfriend, and at the end of the book she is pregnant with a bogens child. 

Conclusion: Lockie is an Evil little boy, and with all the stuff that happens in the first book it get worse because in the second book he falls in love with a girl that’s about 10.